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St. Mary's Church, Allerston



St. Mary's Church, Allerston, is a largely 14th century church with a 15th century squadron tower. The church is located towards the northern end of the village, quite close to the A170, which runs west-east across the northern edge of the long village street.

The main body of the church is a single structure, 19ft 2in wide. The quire is at the eastern end, and is 23ft 7in long. At its western end is a stone corbel that used to carry a rood beam and possibly marks the position of a screen. The nave forms the western part of the building and is 43ft 9in long. These parts of the building are of 14th century in date.

The tower was added in the fifteenth century, and is at the western end of the building. The tower has three levels, with windows in the upper level, and is castellated. The tower contains three bells, one medieval and two from 1674. The tower opens into the main body of the church through an open arch.


Grid Reference: SE 878 829
The church is at the northern end of the village, close to the main road