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Mallyan Spout



Mallyan SpoutAt sixty feet, Mallyan Spout is the tallest waterfall in the moors. After rain it can be an impressive sight, even if not on a par with some of the Pennine waterfalls. Mallyan Spout is best seen just after a spell of wet weather, ideally in winter or early spring when there are no leaves to block your view.

Mallyan SpoutOne of my favourite things about Mallyan Spout is that you can get really close to the water. After wet weather the footpath along West Beck almost passes through the waterfall! The water is scattered as it passes through the vegetation on the side of the cliff, forming a gentle spray rather than a raging torrent.


Mallyn SpoutGrid Reference: NZ 824 009

Mallyan Spout is best approached from Goathland. A path leads down to West Beck just to the right of the Mallyan Spout hotel, at the west end of the village. Be aware that the path down can itself be very wet. When you reach the beck, turn left and follow the rocky ledge along the side of the stream. Mallyan Spout is roughly 500 feet along the stream.


Explorer Map OL27Mallyan Spout is on Ordnance Survey Explorer Map OL27 (North Yorks Moors Eastern Area)

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